Josie Gallows currently lives and works in Saint Petersburg, Florida. As a transwoman she creates visual art that explores the internal reality of gender and societal norms. Locally she’s known for the “Hermaphrodite Elephants” series, which is a collection always in progress. Her political writing under various pseudonyms has appeared in various small to medium scale publications and websites throughout the United States and Europe. Academically she is a Historian and Criminologist from both the University of Memphis and University of South Florida respectively. Her scholarly work focuses on the global history and methods of social engineering by both formal and informal institutions.

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Josie Gallows has the kind of resume that some people turn into self-indulgent memoirs; and that’s on the table. She’s been the child of an outlaw fugitive and Jesus Christ impersonator. Variously employed, a teenage hobo, and a sex worker, she’s lived in beach houses and shanty towns. She’s been the sidepiece of A and B list celebrities with particular tastes. She is negative for all sexually transmitted diseases. But more than anything, she’s an All-American good ol’ gal and housewife. Some of her main passions and interests are transitioning from Male-to-Female, far-left counter culture, home making, and a continuing practice of Satanism as a longstanding member of the Church of Satan.

It’s an odd mix that somehow works. None of it is “for show.” She is an unapologetic outsider who didn’t put-it-on for entertainment purposes.

Her first and award winning publication A Greasy Wind, a collection of verse, is currently for sale at LULU and Amazon in both print and digital editions. Her forthcoming novel Gimps of Fifth Avenue is slated for a 2016 release.

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