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                                                Acetyl Chloride
                                                Product name Acetyl Chloride
                                                Product name Acetyl Chloride
                                                  Alias Acetic acid chloride; Acetic chloride; Ethanoyl chloride; ethanoyl chloride; Phosphor-free cetyl Chloride
                                                CAS RN 75-36-5
                                                EINECS No. 200-865-6
                                                Molecular formula C2H3CIO
                                                Molecular weight 78.5
                                                Structural formula
                                                Assay ≥98%
                                                Physical properties Properties Colorless transparent fuming liquid, with irritant odor.
                                                Melting point -112℃ 
                                                Boiling point 50.9℃ 
                                                Relative density 1.1051 
                                                Refractive index 1.3890 
                                                Flash point 4℃ 
                                                Solubility Soluble in diethyl ether, acetic acid, and benzene
                                                Functions and uses The product functions as raw material for organic synthesis. It can be used in producing pesticides, medicines, new-model electroplating complexing agents, catalysts for chlorination of carboxylic acid, acetylation reagents, and intermediates for fine organic synthesis.