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                                                Tin(IV) chloride(chemical pure, analytical pure)
                                                Alias stannic chloride fuming; Tin(IV) chloride solution; Tin (IV) chloride anhydrous; Tin tetrachloride; Stannic chloride; TIN(IV) CHLORIDE PENTAHYDRATE; Tin iv chloride, anhydrous; Tin chloride; Stannous chloride
                                                CAS RN 7646-78-8
                                                EINECS No. 231-588-9
                                                Molecular formula SnCl4
                                                Molecular weight 260.5
                                                Content ≥99%
                                                Properties Density: 2.226
                                                Melting point: -33°C
                                                Boiling point: 114°C
                                                Solubility: reacts
                                                Use Used as spectrum pure and reagents of high purity
                                                Structural formula