Hotwords:Sodium triacetoxyborohydride Benzophenone hydrazone Hydrogenation catalyst
                                                Potassium borohydride
                                                Product Name Potassium borohydride
                                                Alias Potassium tetrahydridoborate; KBH; potassium tetrahydroborate
                                                CAS RN 13762-51-1
                                                EINECS No. 237-360-5
                                                Molecular Formula KBH4
                                                Molecular Weight 53.9411
                                                Physical & Chemical Properties White crystal or slight greyish yellow crystalline powder. Density 1.178g/cm3. Slightly absorb moiture in the air, unstable. Soluble in water and slowly release hydrogen. Soluble in liquid ammonia, amines; slightly soluble in methanol and ethonal, insoluble in ether, benzene, tetrahydrofuran, methyl ether and other hydrocarbons. Can be decomposed and release hydrogen. Stable in alkali. Decompose at about 500℃ in vacuum.
                                                Use Used as the reducing agent of aldehydes, ketones and acyl chlorides; used in analytical chemical, pesticide, papermaking industry and the reducing agent of other fine chemical products; also used in mercury-containing wastewater treatment, etc.
                                                Molecular Structure