Who is Josie Gallows and Why Should I Care? Who is the Kali Yuga?

I’ve always found the best way to write about myself is like I’m writing a dating profile. I want to hook up with you. By you I mean my readers, my viewers, my subscribers, and the fetishists who indulge me along this weird and winding road.

The short description is I’m a Dominatrix, T-Girl, Satanic author, writer of both poetry and non-fiction, mixed media artist progenitor of a style I call Punk Nouveau, aesthetic terrorist, and musician. Academically, my subjects were history, criminology, theology, and linguistics. I’ve worked as a counselor and advocate. Here’s the unpacked version. I dominate because I love control. Being a Dominatrix is both a matter of thrill seeking and a matter of material wealth in my life. Both pleasure and business. I relish in sadism and being served. I’ve been travelling the seedy underbelly of American life so long I don’t recall any time of naiveté. The thing that saddens me the most about the current state of cultural affairs is the lack of fetishism, sex cults, and orgies. At least the 60s had those. What’s a revolution without sex cults? I live for the EROTIC. I likewise believe that worship and religiosity are natural parts of the human condition. If you’re going to worship something, or someone, why shouldn’t it be a real flesh and blood person? And why not a person who can answer prayers, directly, with her words or with her actions? All religions of a supernatural nature have started by the worship of an individual person, whether he or she, most usually a he, who claimed to speak the word of God. I only claim to speak my own words. And I have quite a few words to speak. I enjoy teaching. I enjoy opening people up to their ultimate truth. So this is another way in which my dominant personality, and my lifestyle as a Dominatrix, plays into my everyday life. I live BDSM. I believe in BDSM. It’s as close to a real life relationship with a GOD that anyone’s ever gonna get. It’s tangible. It’s immediate and sensual. If there’s anything I evangelize for it’s the objective natural rightness of Domination & submission. Leader and follower. What I offer those who serve me is purpose, meaning, betterment, and clarity on who and what exactly they are. In real time. In the real world. What they offer me is an outlet for who and what I truly am. In comparison, believing in Jesus Christ is settling for scraps. And that’s very blasphemous. Speaking of blasphemy, I’m also a lifelong Satanist and longtime Church of Satan member. And I really do mean lifelong. Here’s photographic proof from my infancy.
That’s little me. Fresh little baby anti-christ. Photographic evidence. Even my hand is curling into the sign of the horns. My biological parents were onto something when they got this cutesy outfit.
I don’t “play up” any sort of Satanic Witch routine. It’s natural. And I collaborate with other witches to subvert the failing culture at large. It’s an everyday ritual. Another part of my life is that I’m a Transsexual Woman, or T-Girl for short. I’m not into collectivist politics or identities but I am an advocate for the liberation of women like myself. That’s why I’m writing books like The Satanic Transsexual: Or What To Do When Gender Fails. I’ve led several successful rebellions against the status quo regarding transsexual people and I’m proud to work for the betterment of those similar to me. But I suspect Television Transgender People will never be thrilled with me. One day I’ll write my life story but my childhood and adolescence went like this: My father was Jesus Christ. More specifically, a Jesus Christ impersonator and fugitive outlaw for various crimes great and small. When he wasn’t in robes and a crown of thorns he was dressed up like a “made man.” There were troubles. My solo travels started early on. I fended for myself and lived on the road for years. People talk about the third world like it’s not one state or city over from their own. I have a different experience. I wasn’t given an ordinary life and I’ve chosen to stay the course. I feel like many people who’ve led really average lives won’t believe a word I say, but that’s OK also. I made an attempt at nice domestication. And it was nice for someone else. I once became a historian through two universities and then started in studying criminology. I had serious professional jobs in the straight world, then I went my own way. I took up jobs like cemetery caretaker before landing on the things I’m doing now. They were all nice for someone else, but they will never be careers. I’ll never do them again. They are background knowledge for other paths in life. There’s always a will and a way if refined tastes are to be had. I write, daily. I used to write exclusively under pseudonyms because the way stalkers behave is a legitimate risk when saying something with backbone. I’ve been around in different magazines, newspapers, and websites, some of them mainstream and some of them not. After I took my transition seriously and became an Out transsexual woman I couldn’t reconcile anonymity with being recognized as an outsider whenever I walked out my front door. I was never chickenshit but I don’t much like an unnecessary hassle. I like to live my life unmolested. I’ve learned how to do what I do, openly — including XXX porn under my own name — while sidestepping the fugue state busy-bodies that poison this world with their toxic concerns and their bad manners.  When I’m not writing about Satanism (“The Satanic Transsexual: Or What to do When Gender Fails” and “The Gospel”), I’m writing about culture, sexuality, gender, or existential crisis. When I’m not writing on the page, I’m writing punk music.
My most recent DIY show with the first iteration of my band, Scumbag Billionaires AKA Scummy B, where I write the lyrics and the guitars.  That’s me on the left with the “nicotine” colored vintage Takamine electric. My current efforts are on a band called Urinal Girl, located in NYC. The contributor list includes members of NYC Punk’s finest, along with contributions from members of Pigface. I’m not name dropping.
“Riot Grrrl faces.”

When I’m not making punk music I’m painting. My paintings have been in a number of galleries and related fine art books. I’ve done album covers, book covers, and shirts, for the notable and not so notable. In the Tampa Bay area I’m known for my “Hermaphrodite Elephants: Some of them ejaculating, some of them on roller skates.” It’s an ongoing series of mixed media that anthropomorphizes popular bigotries, insecurities, and body horrors. They make people laugh, or think, or make their skin crawl, but there’s a reaction somewhere along the way, and if art doesn’t emote through a flesh-and-blood person then it’s a failure.

“Boocake!” Acrylic on canvas
“Baal: Lord of Flies” featured in The Devils Reign exhibit, curated by High Priest Peter Gilmore of the Church of Satan. Mixed media: ink, acrylic, photo collage.
I’m into poetry. And that’s a bad habit because everyone hates poetry thanks to throngs of bad poets who don’t know how to write like they talk or talk like they write. Or at least how to say something true in a way that gets into people’s guts. Speaking of guts, bad poets tend to hate my guts. Though my first poetry collection from 2015 landed me a “Best of the Bay” award.
Front cover of “A Greasy Wind.”
No matter what I do I’ll always believe my poetry is my best work and the most interesting thing about my creative life. My truest work. The purest creative examples of who and what I am. But I’m realistic. I expect my books, articles, and features on subjects like Satanism, gender and sexuality, cultural warfare, and other subjects will always get more reads than my first love: poetry. Still, Sylvia Plath will always be one of my favorite Suicide Girls.
I’m stereotypically goth in my love for dead things, graveyards, the macabre, morbid fascinations, and moody artists. I have books, pornography, paintings, poems, songs, albums, aesthetic terrorism, and I want to show it all to you. Maybe I can show you a thing or two about real magic. And that’s why I bother with an internet connection at all. I’m not for everyone. This is a small glimpse into who I am and what I do. Come along to see and hear the rest. If you like what I do, or want more of what I do, I ask that you chip in a few bucks each month to aid and abet my cultural subversion. Each Patron helps me to produce more content, at better quality, and will eventually lead to full video and stage shows. My Patreon: www.patreon.com/josiemaxinegallows Hail Satan! XOXO Josie Maxine Gallows KALI YUGA