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The Short Version, The Elevator Pitch

How many true outsiders get real support to enter the media and art world with any meaningful resources and support?

Very few. So, partake in an experiment with me.

See what happens when The Anti-Kardashian hits the scene. You can make that happen.

For few bucks a month and you get access to exclusive content and early releases. Your patronage allows me to put out new content, more frequently, and of higher and higher quality with each and every new Patron. That includes you. You can take a direct part in this experiment in cultural subversion.

We are in it together against a bland mediocre cultural landscape.

All funds will help to build a new Satanic & Outsider publishing house, a coven of creative Satanic types in revolt, with literary, audio, and video content, supporting not only my own work but, eventually, the work of other creatives.

It’s easy and you get a lot of bang for your buck plus many rewards and benefits. It’s also private and your subscription won’t be made public. Become a Patron by following the button.

The Long Version, The Real Pitch

Emotional horror abounds. Psychological mutilation is rampant. What’s an old fashioned satanic transsexual girl to do in times like these but write books about Satanism, release sermons on living as an outsider, create subversive art, and put out audio-visual content meant to shake things up?

Currently, I’m writing two Satanism books. One of them about gender and sexuality. The other is a figurative weapon’s guide for the culture wars. Both of these books are useful for anyone, from any background, genuinely interested in true facts and unique perspectives on the 21st century that surrounds them.

One crowd calls for blood. Another crowd hollers for ineffectual Band-Aids. And another does, well, whatever — but not much useful, insightful, or in any way accurate to the heart of this matter or that. Back and forth they go. Commentary is insecure, spineless, histrionic, psychotic, needlessly sadistic, or amateur. Any or all of the above. A true third side perspective is required.

This beige pedestrian civilization has no concern for producing or promoting accurate, useful, FUN, literature and art, not in a mass market sort of way. It barely did before. Especially not now. It’s up to you and me to take an ice pick to both kidneys. And then spill the bleach.

YOU deserve better. And I’m your gal.

So let’s make a bargain.

I have two books currently in the pipeline.

  1. The Satanic Transsexual: Or What to do When Gender Fails
  2. “The Gospel” (tentative title)

My background as a transsexual witch in the Church of Satan, with a real honest-to-goodness academic and professional resume ranging from historian to dominatrix to counselor and beyond, set me on the path to writing both of these works. Both of them are Satanism books and likewise necessary additions to today’s discourse in general. Even the non-Satanist will find them useful.

Useful writing on transsexuality is scarce. Most of the books dealing with the subjects of gender and sexuality, written for a large audience, are bloated with unnecessary moral assumptions and hobbled by their own collectivist baggage. Sometimes they’re based on insecure bigotries drawn directly from frightened conservatives. Other times, when the words are in favor of transsexuals like me, the authors wouldn’t know the word “individual” if they were the last left standing after a delightfully devastating plague. Being a lifelong Satanist, I’m able and willing to meet these subjects from previously unapproachable angles.

The Satanic Transsexual is for anyone interested in the subject of gender and sex. Friend or foe. It covers cultural issues, medical subjects, the transition process, how-to, a philosophy of gender, and more. Never dour. Never a moralistic yawn fest.

Likewise, “The Gospel” — the word itself often said to mean “the good news” — is much needed in an era where the worst of human impulses are amplified in volume by technological means. In the 21st century the kind of individuality and power most cherished by Satanists and sympathetic outsiders are as difficult as ever and for sure treacherous. But there are new rules. New features and updates, inflicting their own unique kind of damage. Leaving behind different forensics. If the 21st century should be given any name then it’s The Emotional Horror. And the 21st century is simultaneously the Age of Satan, a time we can admire for its possibilities and freedoms never before realized. The Earth is made out of nuance. It buzzes with relativity. The ley lines towards worlds within worlds must be navigated wisely. In my “Gospel” I relate Satanic principles to the new forensics of today’s world.

This “good news” is a weapon’s guide on maintaining individuality, integrity, sanity, and happiness, in a landscape that seems bent on eradication each and every one of those qualities. A Satanic treatise on radical self-honesty and individuality. Meant to feel, look, and serve as a true occult tome.

And supporters like you will make these books a reality.

“What bargain? What do I get out of this deal?”

You’re supporting the creation of these works-in-progress. Also the professional polish these books absolutely, positively, gotta have.

But beyond that, this is an ongoing subscription to exclusive, members only, Satanic content from not only myself but other Satanists and outsiders of note. And all of it pushes the envelope. You will find no tired rehash or dead horses along this journey.

Depending on your level of support you will receive any or all of the following:

  • Exclusive monthly essays, articles, features, and entertaining fragments from the books, available only to members.
  • Soon: video and audio content!
  • Discounts on the forthcoming books.
  • The books themselves.
  • Signed copies.
  • Digital versions.
  • First dibs on special editions in signed hardcover or leather bound editions.
  • Potentially videos and podcasts depending on the success of this patreon.
  • Special surprise exclusives mailed to you.
  • Stickers, because everyone loves stickers.
  • Other publications available only to members.
  • A printed thank you in the books themselves.
  • VIP access to the release party and private satanic ritual.
  • And more!

What level of support you select determines the rewards. The greater the support the greater the reward. And as this exclusive network of supporters grows the rewards involved will evolve and improve as time goes on.

Tell your pals.

“What do you need with my monthly dollars, anyway?”

These are massive undertakings. They have been a labor of love for several years and some months. Writing is time consuming. Time is, whether we like it or not, money. And when I’m not working as an exotic entertainer my full-time job is writing.

I need time. I’m not only writing two books but I’m doing weekly sermons.

I need resources to pay my editors, artists, and designers. I need research materials that aren’t available freely because unlike so many writing on these subjects I prefer to be authentic and accurate. In some cases I may need to travel for research and experimentation to complete these works. All of this will be documented in a fun way for your enjoyment.

I invite your support, I need your support, and I appreciate your support.

Climb into my tank with me.

Let’s go to war.

Hail Satan!
Josie Maxine Gallows
Church of Satan Witch
Kali Yuga

Easy, a few bucks, private, and full of rewards.